Mike Cavallaro (66kmph) wrote in studiodeep6,
Mike Cavallaro

Comic Con

Yes, I was at Comic Con this weekend too.

There's so much coverage of this weekend's NY Comic Con that there's really not much to add.
I had a good time. Friday's ACT-I-VATE panel was a success with it's full attendance and spirited dialogue. I participated in another panel entitled "HOW I GOT MY JOB" with former Marvel editor Andy Schmitt, DC/Vertigo/freelance writer Stuart Moore, Bob Greenberger, and penciler Jamal Igle. It was a really interesting conversation, and I think the audience got a lot out of the different experiences we could relate.

I went into it with a few goals, not least of which was the procurement of issue #136 of THE MIGHTY THOR by the McCartney/Lennon, Strummer/Jones, Jagger/Richards of comics -- Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. I think this issue's the perfect distillation of everything they did best, their quintessential hit single. I'm so glad you agree! I must have paged through at least 10 - 15 copies and finally settled on this one...


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